How to Select the Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder?

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A heavy duty paper shredder can be on your list of items to purchase under a number of different situations. Whether you are looking for a shredder for your office and establishments which deals with a huge amount of paperwork each day, or if you are after a shredder for your own paper shredding business, you may find it a bit difficult to select the best products from amongst the huge number of products available in the market today.

Shredders prove to be an important instrument for almost every business, and sometimes your home as well. Most businesses and offices purchase their heavy duty paper shredder when they need one. You need to be very careful as to how you get rid of your paperwork that you no longer need to prevent your information landing up in the hands of the identity thieves.

This makes it almost mandatory for you to have a paper shredder handy in your office. In fact some of the US states have made it a rule. But how do you decide on the best heavy duty paper shredders that you should purchase? Here are some points that are worth noting while buying a paper shredder.

The Types of Shredders Available

Generally, a heavy duty paper shredder will not be something that you are going to be purchasing for your home use. However, it sometimes becomes necessary for a home office if your business deals with a huge amount of paperwork daily. And when you consider the larger enterprises or offices, unless there is very less paperwork seen, a heavy duty paper shredder becomes very important for you.

There are various types of such shredders for you to consider. If you are after something that you might require to move around in the office, a portable shredder may be a good choice. At the same time there are office shredders that can deal with more than just papers in case you consider pins, staples and other small objects that may stay hidden in the paperwork.

The Features and Your Requirements

The best idea is to first note down what your requirements are. This will give you a clear idea as to what you should be looking for in the market. Are you going to be happy with a heavy duty paper shredder that deals with papers only or would you require something that shreds CDs and DVDs as well? There are shredders that will let you shred cardboards as well.

And if you are after speed and are going to use the shredder mainly for commercial use, an industrial shredder should be on your list of items to purchase. These will let you shred high paper volumes very fast, and can be ideal if you run a paper shredding agency. Other examples are high security shredders or DOD shredders, cardboard shredders, etc.

The Price Range

Now that you know what you should be after considering your necessities, it is a good idea to check the price range as well. A heavy duty shredder can come at any price in between a couple of hundred dollars to over $3000 to $4000, if not more. This is where you consider how much you are able to spend, and how much you really want from the shredder in return.

An important thing to understand at this point is that the price is not the sole decider as to how effective and heavy duty a paper shredder is going to be. There may be paper shredders that are less expensive and yet more useful than some of the highest prices shredders available in the market. Try to go through the features and see what you really require and how much the shredder is promising you for the price you are ready to pay.

The Customer Reviews

One of the most important points to consider when buying a heavy duty paper shredder is checking out the customer reviews on each of the shredders you have on your list. Customer reviews are however sometimes very misleading. This is specifically why you must go through a good number of customer reviews on each of the products to get a more unbiased view on the shredder.

Almost every product in the market will have negative reviews on it. When you go through a good number of reviews on the paper shredders you will get a much clearer idea as to how effective the product is, helping you compare the products to let you get the best out of the lot.

So keep all these points on your mind when deciding on buying a good heavy duty paper shredder, and see better efficiency for the money you spend on it, whether it is for your home, your office or for commercial purposes.